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Have you been accused of an issue you had nothing to do with? Has someone told you your partner or spouse is being unfaithful? If you or someone you know needs to prove their innocence then a Lie Detector test is the most effective service available.

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The test is 98% accurate if carried out by one of our examiners, who all belong to either the British and European Polygraph Association or The American Polygraph Association, and they use state of the art computerised equipment.

The test will take about 2-3 hours and can be taken in your own home, at work, in a hotel or even in a meeting room. There are 3 steps to the test and they are as follows;

Part 1

We spend about one hour discussing the issue with the person to be examined, then we agree the questions to be asked and explain the actual test procedure.

Part 2

This is the actual testing section, where the examinee is attached to several measurement components. We normally run 3 tests, with a short break in between.

Part 3

This is the evaluation of the test sheets and reporting back after a post-test interview. In most cases we can give you the results of the test within minutes of it being completed.

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